Before requesting an audit, ensure that all of the following tasks are complete.

You can refer to our Guide for detailed instructions, or follow the checklist below.

1. Run ‘Period Update’ in the ‘Periodic Processing’ section to 30/06/xxxx (the year to be audited)

2. Ensure SMSF auditor details are in the SMSF annual return (tax return)
and that username has access granted for the SMSF

[view how to set up and grant access to auditor]

3. Upload and tag the following (in pdf format) to your Class SMSF ‘Documents’
[view how to upload and tag documents]

  • Signed engagement letter (download here)
  • Signed representation letter (download here)
  • Trust Deed (and bare trust deed if applicable)
  • Draft SMSF Annual Return (Section K)
  • Investment strategy (as held by the SMSF or download here)
  • Member application (as held by the SMSF or download here)
  • Trustee declaration¬† (as held by the SMSF or download here)
  • Prior year audit (only required if not performed by ClassSFaudits)
  • Actuarial certificate (if applicable, when there is both accumulation and pension accounts)
  • Asset/Investment documents (eg. share holdings/portfolio, bank statements, property valuation)
  • Income/Expense documents (eg. dividends statements, tax invoices for expenses)

Thank you for your diligent work. This will enable a prompt, efficient audit of your SMSF.